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Prevent sunburn, stay hydrated and avoid the UV radiation – tips for riding in hot hot weather……….

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We are having a great summer and one of the biggest obstacles with cycling in hot weather is maintaining adequate hydration.
Drink little and often when riding, and make sure that you have plenty of drink with you or know of places on your route where you can obtain more drinks.
While some cyclists are proud of their cycling tan as a badge of honour, others find it embarrassing to look as though you are still wearing a white T-shirt when you take your top off. But tan lines are not the main concern – damaging sunburn and the risk of skin cancer due to excessive ultraviolet light exposure are a problem. Wear sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body: arms, legs, face and in particular the back of your neck.
A very obvious way to avoid the severity of the sun’s rays is to avoid the hottest periods of the day for your cycling trip. Ride in the morning or evening. Pay particular attention to fluid intake when you get home, but also don’t forget to eat as you would normally after a ride.
A cold bath or shower will help you cool off. You may also feel you deserve an ice cream or two……………..