Gepida Albion wins in two Categories!

Winner Gepida Albion 1000 SLX 10 E-bike

The winners of the 2019 ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Tests were announced on the 27th April 2019 during VELOBerlin with the Gepida Albion 1000 SLX10 winning two categories out of 13.
The two categories are: the Best Easy Pedelec and Best City-Comfort Pedelec.
ExtraEnergy described this e-bike as powerful, easy-rolling, responsive, and elegant in form and graphics.

We have these in stock please come and try them out.

Future of Mobility Event

The first driverless shuttle in Ireland will make its debut in Dublin’s Docklands on September 21st and 22nd. The special event organised by Dublin City Council as part of its ‘Smart Docklands’ project and in partnership with the Civic Group will bring a glimpse of the future of smart and sustainable transport to Dublin.

The Easymile EZ10 shuttle is a driverless electric vehicle that can carry up to 15 passengers. It has an in-built access ramp for mobility-challenged passengers and doesn’t need any additional road infrastructure in order to operate. The EZ10 is currently in daily operation at locations in the US, Holland, China and Estonia and is expanding globally.

Easymile EZ10 Shuttle

European Mobility Week is taking place in 41 countries across Europe between the 16th and the 22nd September 2018. The focus is on the shift to more sustainable and green transport options for getting from A to B. As part of the week, Dublin City Council and its partners (including ebikes Ireland) are hosting the Future Mobility Showcase and the EZ10 is being brought to Ireland to show its citizens what the future of mobility looks like.

Future of Mobility Event
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National Ploughing 2018

We are heading to Tullamore again, for the National Ploughing Championships – 18th – 20th September.

Come and meet us and see our display of Electric Bikes.
We are located in Block 4, Row 36, Stand 702

National Ploughing

We are there to help and advise on the correct ebike for you, whether it be for fun, fitness, mobility, commuting, or commercial we have something to suit your needs.
Looking forward to meet you, enjoy the fun.

Velo Trikes

Velo Trike

We are now the sole Irish distributor of German brand – Velo Trike.
These are for people of all ages, but they are particularly suited to people with mobility or balance issues.
The e Trike offers the cycling experience with the security and balance of three wheels, and the comfort of knowing that the amount of exertion (or none!) can be predetermined.
The Trike also has a large basket for carrying goods. Battery range is approx 50km but the Trikes can be fitted with a second battery which brings the potential range up to 100km.
Please contact us if you are interested and would like to test one for yourself, a friend or a family member.
You can find the various models and specifications on the manufacturers website:

National Ploughing Championship

Back Again In Screggan, Tuallamore, Co.Offaly

19th – 21st Sept

Come and meet us and see our display of Electric Bikes.

We are located in Block 3, Row 32, Stand 671

If you are considering an electric bike for recreational activities, fun with family, commuting or as a means of getting fit and healthy, we will help and advise on the bike to suit you.

overview of ploughing

Prevent sunburn, stay hydrated and avoid the UV radiation – tips for riding in hot hot weather……….

We are having a great summer and one of the biggest obstacles with cycling in hot weather is maintaining adequate hydration.
Drink little and often when riding, and make sure that you have plenty of drink with you or know of places on your route where you can obtain more drinks.
While some cyclists are proud of their cycling tan as a badge of honour, others find it embarrassing to look as though you are still wearing a white T-shirt when you take your top off. But tan lines are not the main concern – damaging sunburn and the risk of skin cancer due to excessive ultraviolet light exposure are a problem. Wear sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body: arms, legs, face and in particular the back of your neck.
A very obvious way to avoid the severity of the sun’s rays is to avoid the hottest periods of the day for your cycling trip. Ride in the morning or evening. Pay particular attention to fluid intake when you get home, but also don’t forget to eat as you would normally after a ride.
A cold bath or shower will help you cool off. You may also feel you deserve an ice cream or two……………..

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