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Velo Trikes

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Velo Trike

We are now the sole Irish distributor of German brand – Velo Trike.
These are for people of all ages, but they are particularly suited to people with mobility or balance issues.
The e Trike offers the cycling experience with the security and balance of three wheels, and the comfort of knowing that the amount of exertion (or none!) can be predetermined.
The Trike also has a large basket for carrying goods. Battery range is approx 50km but the Trikes can be fitted with a second battery which brings the potential range up to 100km.
Please contact us if you are interested and would like to test one for yourself, a friend or a family member.
You can find the various models and specifications on the manufacturers website: www.velotrike.de

National Ploughing Championship

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Back Again In Screggan, Tuallamore, Co.Offaly

19th – 21st Sept

Come and meet us and see our display of Electric Bikes.

We are located in Block 3, Row 32, Stand 671

If you are considering an electric bike for recreational activities, fun with family, commuting or as a means of getting fit and healthy, we will help and advise on the bike to suit you.

overview of ploughing


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ebikes Ireland – Powering the Future of Cycling

Why Us?

  • Large range of leading European Brands
  • Full Service Backup
  • Fully Accredited Bosch EBike Service Agents
  • Centrally Located
  • All our Ebikes qualify for the Bike to Work scheme
  • All our Ebikes are available at selected Bike Shops Nationwide

Why E-bikes?

Ebikes are the largest growing segment in the cycling industry. The phenomenal growth of EBike sales worldwide looks set to continue.

Driven by market leading systems such as Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha, the technology is constantly improving in areas such as reliability and range.

We stock e-bikes for all different categories so it’s easy to find the most suitable one for you, for riding in the city, the country or on dirt roads.

Powered by Bosch
Shimano Steps System